Sunday, May 25, 2008

happy birthday allyson, even though you're totally forbidden from reading this profanity sprinkled blog

the crazy! banner you see up there comes courtesy of my ingenious niece (right, holding baby cousin, rory). allyson enters the teen years today. this is apparently something she is very excited about. that's difficult for me to relate to, as this was something that, twenty years ago, scared the shit out of me, as i read seventeen and sassy magazine cover to cover, including the fine print of the tampon ads, waiting for the mysterious, ominous monster called puberty to strike me down with a skillet.
if this is allyson's mindset, she is certainly hiding it. so here's to the brave, brainy, beautiful and talented allyson. she sent me the above (oh so flattering) photo collage a few months ago. it came coincidentally sized to blog header specs. this is interesting considering she's not supposed to know that i have a blog. but neither is my mom. and we know how well that worked. i'm totally anonymous and full of tact. anyhoo.
allyson is spending this momentous birthday doing her favorite thing--flexing her leg muscles and kicking soccer balls around a field at a san francisco tournament. bravo.


kim said...

What a great picture. 13 already!

Amy said...

She's officially a teen! She's never read your blog, but from her cousin (your nephew), she knows it exists!!! I missed the cool header she sent you, it's gone... Anyway, cute shot of her and Rory! :)