Thursday, May 8, 2008

fun times at the meet and greet

dear dooce.
i'm sorry that i gave you a really cool t shirt that you'll find is likely a size too small. i know, i know you're tall. but truthfully, for some reason, i thought your boobs were smaller! it's that self deprecating attitude of yours that fooled me. then i met you and all i could think was, oh no, her boobs are WAY bigger than i thought!

dear dooce.
i'm sorry i didn't tell you that about the boobs as conversation when i went to say goodbye instead of saying all those things i promised not to say like, "i read your blog everyday", "i feel like you're my friend/i know you" "isn't this blogging/celebrity thing so weird?" "wow, what a beautiful day it was today". that dragged on way to long while my eyes couldn't stop rolling at myself.

i must have been hungry for my foot in my mouth. good times.


the cute little girl that i spent TWO hours with marveling at what losers we were to stand in line to meet someone when they'd already run out of books for the signing anyway....emailed me these ridiculous photos that sum up exactly how awkward this whole affair was.

the only comforting thing about this photo is how both of us look completely and equally insane.

a note of explanation, as you may be confused that we're standing on the sidewalk in brooklyn. i had joked that they'd cut the line right before me--and they did precisely that. the fire marshals got upset or something that too many white girls were lined up in one spot, and kicked us to the curb.

and here I give dooce a bit of a tourist thrill, a welcome to brooklyn handshake where i make like i'm about to attack her. and she recoils in fear. like i said, totally smooth sailing.


kim said...

I also thought of her as having very small boobs! Do you think she photoshops her boobs in her pictures?

Amy said...

You're cracking me up! I was wondering why you're on the curb, looks like she was trying to leave and you all were chasing her down! Glad you had fun and have some cool shots of you together! :)

kim said...

I am also sharing your star moment. I can't believe you are standing there with Dooce! (As awkward and weird as the photos may be!).

kim said...

Also, she is way taller than I thought! AND, her man-butt is even smaller than your man-butt! No offense intended.

kitty8joe said...

now that you bring it up, kim, i had to suppress the urge to point out the fact that those jeans i'm wearing, those magical 7 jeans are the only jeans that deluded me into thinking my butt looked good. the delusion is over.

inadvertentgardener said...

Kim just outed this post to me over coffee this afternoon -- I was warned the photos were hilarious and, in fact, it's true! If it's any consolation, had I met Dooce, I would have said about the same list of awkward things, while, all the way through, the voice inside my head screamed at me to stop. But I'm glad you got to meet her, regardless!