Thursday, July 22, 2010

unlikely grill buddies

okay, so i'm in trouble because i've been back from my colorado fishing trip for days and haven't told you all about it or shown you any photos. just trying to play catch up with work and beyond. and then there is the desktop computer where i edit my photos that is frighteningly unwilling to turn on. i hope this coming weekend i can address these issues, if my brain hasn't melted from the 104 degree weather. in the meantime, i did loan jade some snaps i took in colorado for his blog--why don't you step over there and check them out?

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jademtownsend said...

Kitty Joe is truly amazing!!!
She almost caught a fish with her foot! No kidding!
And, don't anybody worry, i fixed the big fella. I just gave him a reassuring pat on the head, looked him straight in the screen, and with a comforting yet stern tone said, "Hang in there buddy. We love you, you can't give up on us." Then i slowly and gently pressed the power button and SHAZAM!!! It turned on.

yours truly,
jade "the desktop whisperer" townsend