Friday, July 9, 2010

gone fishin'

not to be outdone by my burgeoning blogger sweetheart, except kindof being completely outdone, i offer you this image of me fishing with my uncle and dad, age 8.
the rumors are true. this vegetarian is going fishing. off to colorado to entertain more people who aren't used to how stubborn i am about 'no i actually won't put a worm on a line or even catch fish and throw them back in'.
just looking forward to some slow down time in the mountains and NO HUMIDITY for a week with my baby.
it's 4:36am and i'm blogging. and i'm not drunk. this, folks, is dedication. now try to tell me i'm neglecting you!
ah, but serious apologies, i had ambitious plans of plotting an arsenal of auto posts during my absence, but alas, too hectic to leave town!
adios! (read jade's post linked above for details on our trip!)


Xavier said...

I love this pic.

kim said...

Cute pic. Where were you? The water looks so choppy. Have a wonderful trip and enjoy your rare down time together.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, Pacific Pulmonary x 2 on their way in 5 or 6 days. Will they be safe?
Lurking Reptile

Naomi Campbell said...

Wow...I think my dad STILL has that coat. It's a classic.

kitty joe said...

in my mind i've always placed this photo in the ocean, or bodega bay, perhaps due to the fog and the choppy waves. but when i actually think about it, would we be in such a chintzy boat? hmmm. i know we were often at lake sonoma but it always seemed super warm and clear there.

anyhoo, yes, uncle allan's jacket is a classic and when i think of him, he is always wearing it!

lurking reptile--returned home at midnight last night to the incredible boxes! more on that later, and hugest thanks!