Saturday, July 24, 2010

oh my god, my keybord i plotting gint me.

for uite ome time, i've hd technologicl gremlin folloing me round lughing t me. firt my dektop computer crhed nd ouldn't turn bck on. then the freking lptop. it eemed the light ppered t the end of the tunnel hen jde ble to turn my dektop computer bck on. i decided i hould give it ome tlc, nd clen up the dektop, the creen, the keybord. o i diconnected the keybord nd ued the creful computer clening fluid ith the creful computer clening ipe.
it prkle. by the y, tht ord i like hine. grrrrr
but inted of being hppy, no hlf of my key don't ork. even igning in pinful--cut nd pte.
could you undertnd ny of thi?



kim said...

Woah, that was trippy, but strangely enough, I think I understood most of it.

Mieke said...

hahaha, i kind of understood most too... Starting a new language?