Tuesday, November 13, 2007

'the chateau' week one

so really i had to post the 'waiting for the postman' series as a primer for the work in progress that i'm shooting right now. it's a continuation or another phase of that series, except now lynn is living permanently in a medical center after having a tracheotomy. my challenge is to bring in new material every week. because i have all the time in the world to travel to new jersey by bus on a weekly basis. but that was kind of my motivations. her life dwindles and slips by while i run from one thing to the next, too 'busy' to visit. unfortunately, my time is so short that i cannot elaborate right now, otherwise i wouldn't get any of this up. maybe i'll return later with more words. these are all 'first drafts'. here is what i brought to critique last week, chosen quite hastily:

vital signs

having a chat


sun trails

hospital corners

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kim said...

Beautiful and haunting.