Friday, November 9, 2007

happy birthday sissy!

so it seems to be all about birthdays around here lately, no? today my sister abbie turns 37? wait, how old am i? i can't keep track of any of this anymore. emre thinks it's personal and asks me periodically, "how old am i, kitty?" i usually answer with "ask me how old i am, i probably have to think first..."
the above photo wins the prize for the coolest photo of abbie ever. she was a month shy of 5 years old. i was three days shy of being born. at the sonoma county harvest fair (which used to be all about apples, not grapes and wine), a photographer from the local paper in cahoots with a security guard 'framed' abbie to get this fantastic front page photo--told her to go ahead and pick the best looking apple from the display of gleaming boxes (they really polish them for this event!) and take a bite. naturally this went against everything little abbie had been taught by our very strict father: don't touch the display, don't cross the roped off area. but the guard said it was okay. he had authority even over daddy. yet as soon as she took a few bites, the guard turned on her and reprimanded her for sneaking an apple. and she gave the photographer the perfect horrified guilty face. brilliant. though i think she's still traumatized by this event and sometimes answer to 'eve'.


kim said...

What an amazing photo! Happy Birthday Abbie!

abbie said...

little behind...a month to be exact,
but thank for air time!
i have to say, i still remember the feeling of the shudder down my spine, not to metion mom promising to hairlip me over the ordeal, dad made us keep it a secret, "to surprise her" when the morning paper came.
guess fame has it's price...ever if it's only the local press democrat!