Tuesday, November 6, 2007

the resurrection (ooh--so dramatic!)

pop quiz:

a) the rumors are true: i've died. here is photographic proof.

b) my stylist and life coach messed up (britney--i feel you)

c) i'm impersonating the beloved and mysteriously dead laura palmer. twin peaks. google it. stop looking at me with that blank stare, you make me feel so old!

if you chose c, you win! sorry, no prize.
i threw a costume ball/turkish dinner party for emre's thirtieth birthday. in case he snowed you into thinking i'm the social one around here, it's a lie. 40 people showed up to our "little" dinner. thankfully, i had prepared food for 120. i should say 'we' as it was truly a collaborative effort, dish for dish. it's surprising we got such great feedback on the food considering most of it was prepared in the wee hours of the mornings leading up to the party. thank goodness for cold turkish appetizers that actually demand being made in advance!
other than the full time working, full time schoolgoing (that's right, i've deciding to stop saying i'm only in school part time, as i take an additional class at the education alliance and am the teacher's assistant to a fourth class), unpacking of our entire apartment from boxes, applying for jobs i didn't get, hunting high and low for a shoulder gun holster so emre could be the agent cooper to my laura palmer, and filing back taxes for three years, i'd been totally idle all week. what's new.

supposedly it's national blog-a-day month. how do we ever keep up with the grueling list of monthly themes, overlooked people and issues to honor? i know, i know, i'm late. but hey, i just heard! i figure i owe it to my adoring and heartbroken public to return and blog every day. like jesus christ on resurrection day (can i say that?!) i will roll the rock from my cave of slumber and hit you full force with the fun details of my life. um. maybe tomorrow.

by the way, eddie and maria as axl rose and slash--amazing. but we'll discuss that later in another 'national blog month' post (c'mon! i gotta save some material--i'm rusty!)

photo courtesy of haley balik


Amy said...

Hi Kitty, great costumes! Looks like you all had fun! SC

Naomi Campbell said...

I think I recognize what you're wearing under your plastic. Ahem! Glad you're back. Love, Gnome

kim said...

You're back! I had stopped checking, but Tristan told me last night that your blog is alive again. Love, love, love that picture--all amazing costumes. I am impressed.

kiyomi said...

very creepy, laura. we just loaned the first season of twin peaks to my mom and dad, they keep bugging us about the next season of lost (since they still don't get more than 2 tv stations), so we thought that would hold them for a while.