Wednesday, November 21, 2007

tristan, consider this your invitation

i know, it's totally old stale news now, but that's how my thoughts are running--totally behind schedule. as opposed to the nyc marathon, which barrels through my neighborhood like clockwork, reminding me another year has flown by--and so quickly! it's disturbing to reflect on the light-speed of time, yet whenever the marathon comes around i'm charmed. i like to get out early and see the building mayhem as it runs through greenpoint (mile 12.5). it reminds me of the apple blossom parade back home in seabstopol--the little apple. there is such a feeling of community and small town pride in this race despite the big city setting, despite katie holmes and diddy participating. i think our biggest celebrity guest in sebastopol was that old guy who did the oatmeal commercials in the cowboy hat. and he turned out to be a jerk! but back on track--i'm truly touched to observe the ghetto kids at the automotive high school handing out gatorade, paper towels and bananas to the exhausted runners instead of....i don't know, calling out, "i want to f*ck you, red-headed lady!" from the barred school windows even though i'm twice (!) their age. have i addressed my thoughts on the topic of child raising in new york city yet? unnecessary, right? you get the idea.
anyhoo. first the wheelchairs come through--the tricked out high speed horizontal numbers powered by arms. they never cease to bring tears of inspiration to my eyes when i see people without legs nonetheless racing a course i couldn't dream of completing. everyone goes nuts and cheers, banging their long inflatable sticks together to make noise (whose idea where these?). the bad local bands that can't get a gig anywhere else despite the 5000 venues in new york city tune up and serenade with their amps. then it gets quiet. anticipation. and the top women follow a police escort. the blonde woman who will win leaps past me like a gazelle. i know she will win and she does. i still feel smug for knowing. shortly thereafter the men come. i feel like i'm at the olympics. then the masses. everyday heroes. your friend that flew here from kalamazoo. and a dozen rhinoceroses. running rhinoceroses. of course. and for hours you cannot cross the street. i love it. to see more snapshots from the marathon, click here.


kim said...

Tristan said to me this morning (before I had seen this posting)..."I have been called out as a lurker on Kitty's blog!" --I could tell he was stoked.

Amy said...

Whoa, that woman has some muscular legs! SC

Naomi Campbell said...

Hey red-headed lady....better than fire crotch I suppose. hey....hope my parents aren't reading this. Wasn't that lady the pregnant one or she ran while pregant or something like that. She and the naked running man of Sebastopol outta hook up. Love Gnome in the Village.

Anonymous said...

sign me up! lol jk
i'm more of a wilford brimley than a diddy of course. no shame in the game.

kitty8joe said...

ah, yes, wilford brimley! that's the name that escaped me and i was too lazy to google! at least you know if you run in the marathon, you have a rest bed waiting for you at the half mark!

Anonymous said...

dude, thanks for the offer, but what are you crazy? rest in the middle of the race and forsake my personal best?! jk brb
i would totally love to make it happen in all honesty. katie holmes=my muse.