Friday, November 21, 2008

amazing photo by lizeth santos

okay, so tonight i totally messed up. my forever friend rafter called me a month or more ago to let me know he's be doing an east coast tour. i had this great idea that i'd send an invite out to all friends from disparate parts of my life and have a huge party gathering at cake shop, thereby providing a huge audience, sharing my high school buddy and his totally awesomely visionary pop music with my friends in new york. it's been busy lately. but that's okay. rafter wasn't coming till near the end of november.

and oops, rafter called me from the road this afternoon, and gee is it already near the end of november?!

so ola it was.
awesome show though. sample his music here.

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Amy said...

That is an awesome photo! Btw, love the new look! :)