Monday, November 3, 2008

more celebrations--it's too insane!

today is as good a day as any to share the photos from maria's baby shower. actually, today is a better day than any as (i think!) it's eddie and maria's seventh wedding anniversary. and clearly they got the seven year have a baby.

may will be bittersweet, as eddie, my high school friend who's been living in new york for 5 years, will graduate from medical school. sweet because--duh--he'll be a doctor. bitter because eddie and maria will pack up their 6 month old baby diana and leave new new york city forever and ever. and my how i've loved having them as my hometown oasis in this big city.

oh, and by the way eddie, i expect you to act like more of a 'virtual' friend when you get wherever you're going, and look at my blog!

for a better look at these pictures, click on my flickr play link to the right and go to maria's baby shower set.


kim said...

So cute! And, very exciting. When Ed visited the girls they just loved him. He is going to be an awesome dad (daddy's little girl!).

kitty8joe said...

yeah, i know eddie's going to be a great daddy! and having a doctor for a husband while you're pregnant? sounds comforting to me!