Friday, November 28, 2008

our lady of moisture

a few days ago, i asked you to all to grace my comment section with a sentence describing me. this was not merely a cheap tactic for ego boosting--though next time i need one, i surely will consult your responses. jeez! you guys are nice!

my assignment, of course, was for my photographic self portrait class. i was supposed to illustrate a sentence written about me via a photograph.

perhaps i should have clued you in to my intentions, because the responses i got, while supremely kind, didn't much lend themselves to the assignment. additionally, my teacher's preference was to ask a semi-stranger for the line...which prettty much left you out in the cold. thankfully, i met a friend of rafter's who was willing to offer up the following:

the sparkly, ginger-topped kitty joe gave me moisturizer i had previously refused.

while the sentence was grounded in mundane reality (rafter asked that i school his drummer in the difference between day and night moisturizer as a way to deter his habit of slathering his face with rafter's night moisturizer twice a day), my mind spun off into the divine, the religious, the kitch. the virgin mary. hopefully the above image made you think of something along the lines of this treasure brought from mexico by kim and tristan:

i imagined our lady of moisture dispensing lotion and more to the parched, withered and bored. the gold frame from the dollar store was a total necessity for presenting the image, as was the sharpie i wrote on the glass identifying our idol as 'our lady of moisture'. convinced?

the outtakes:
i thought maybe the dripping pool of lotion may offend some sensibilities (cause i'm so good at caring about that!), so i tried one with the bottle.

the third shot happened as i walked toward the camera as the self timer was already set.


Anonymous said...

you look HOT!!!! gnome

Anonymous said...

you appear to be simultaneously swallowing and blinking wrong! gnome

kim said...

These are awesome. I love the head tilt, metallic background and flower frame. And, you look very beautiful and you make me want to use more lotion!!!

Amy said...

Love that first shot! :)

Anonymous said...

Could this (pix#1) be the fortune teller in the box at Playland at the beach in San Francisco. She has been missing for years. Put 25 cents in the slot and you receive a fortune.
Lizard Lurker

Anonymous said...

Laffing Sal? she may not be missing--check in el cerrito. really.