Wednesday, March 5, 2008

dear boss: will you be my pictionary partner?

running errands. fill the tank with gas, get the flat tire patched, pick up some groceries--and buy a mailbox lock. pretty standard, right? but this is where working for an artist makes errands more fun: when all of the usually brusque and rude hardware store employees gather around oohing at a twenty-second explanatory drawing instead of cocking their heads and saying, "you want WHAT?!"--as though 'lock for mailbox' is a phrase from the martian language...sometimes pictures work better than words.


emilia said...

Did you try to buy a mailbox lock in Greenpoint? That would explain a lot:):):)

kitty8joe said...

very true, emilia. sometimes i could definitely use you around the neighborhood for translation!

kim said...

Impressive...but you know how competitive I get (and you get!!!) playing pictionary.