Saturday, March 29, 2008

when technology brings brain atrophy

it started in junior high with calculators, forgetting the timestables we so painstakingly memorized.
and now here i'm in my thirties and i can't remember my boyfriend's cell phone number. oops, because i never learned it! i just programmed it into my cell phone.
so the other day i get a text message which demonstrates these deeply important kinds of problems.
" Just got your thank you card. Appreciate it. How have you been?"
who just got my thank you card? it's someone whose number is not programmed into my phone, the substitute for my brain, so i'm clueless. 860? what area code is that? i call on my other brain substitute--the internet. connecticut. not helping me out here. and that doesn't necessarily mean this person now lives in ct, what with the portability of cell phones. is this a wrong number? i did just send off a slew of thank you notes. but didn't everyone?
so now i'm stuck between the uncomfortable dilema of calling the person, thus admitting that
1) maybe they're not important enough to be programmed into my phone (brain)
2) i could forget in a week, my heartfelt thanks
3) not reciprocating their message and answering the question "How have you been?".

arg. and yes, again, this is where my brain wanders while really trying to do homework. and no, i will not take my nose out of a philosophy book until may, at least not longer than enough to complain about it here.

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kim said...

I often worry about this in that if you loose your cell phone and need to call you know their phone number? Remember when you were younger and you memorized all your friends' numbers? Not anymore!