Friday, March 14, 2008

theis: must procrastinate.

sometimes it takes having to write four papers in one weekend to get other pressing things done. suddenly re-designing my blog header is an absolute pressing necessity! conversation with self.

me: think kitty, think. modernism. greenberg. kant. the sublime.
me: what?
me: come on, kitty. what is your thesis?
me: isn't there some really good salad in the fridge--with cashews?
me: you already ate! no more procrastination!
me: maybe some dark chocolate later, with those snickerdoodle snackimals?
me: okay, concentrate. no food. you're not even hungry. what about the critical and historical orthodoxy of Moderism?
me: yeah. my blog header is really stale. nobody liked it anyway. i really need to change it. NOW.
me: absolutely not! you have three papers to go! what about schapiro and the liberting quality of the avant-garde?!
me: stop it! this is no time for graphic....ooh let's use the purple from the clothespin for the font!
me: ooh, yeah, NOW you're talkin'.


Amy said...

You're so funny! My mind always wanders to see what else could be more fun and/or interesting. Love the new header, very cool! Where did you get Kuwait? Are you planning on going there next?

kitty8joe said...

bad girl, see here i am periodically hovering over my blog between excruciatingly brilliant sentences. i got kuwait from my new spyware i got off your blog that tells me where in the world people are coming from. in one day i had randomly hits from japan and kuwait...

kim said...

Funny! Now, get to WORK!