Wednesday, March 19, 2008

week of gluttony, day three: the cheese

i will divert the path from ice cream to share with you the attack of the cheese sandwich. this falls into the category of "are you kidding me?" moments at a restaurant. the densely packed muenster cheese in that 'sandwich' was inches deep! in fact a word more accurate than 'sandwich' would be 'four-pounds-of-cheese-wrapped-in-a-token-paltry-slice-of-rye'. and by the way, the tomato was an 'additional' request. i love the hand gesture of bewilderment i'm making, and emre's judging look and shrink away from me posture. it reminds me that when i met emre, he couldn't enunciate the difference between 'muenster' and 'monster'. appropriate in this case. i managed to eat half of the cheese brick sandwich. took the other half home and had muenster sandwiches for a week!
for a flashback to my dad's gluttonous 'sandwich' (another not-quite-accurate description), click here.


kim said...

I love this picture of you guys! I also love muenster cheese (although I think that much of it at one time would make me ill!). Let the gluttony continue!!!

Amy said...

Oh my gosh, that is the HUGEST amount of cheese I've ever seen on a sandwich! SC