Wednesday, March 5, 2008

heart-shaped bruise--no, this is not my tattoo!

at the risk of being totally scandalous by (gasp!) showing you my lovely thighs (wide angle to boot!) and my eternally sexy rainbow boyshort underwear, i couldn't resist sharing this crazy bruise with you. i know, i'm sweet. the crazy thing about this bruise is, i don't even know how it happened. but that's not so unusual for me. i am often the recipient of mysterious nasty bruises, thanks to my lifelong, unending addiction to walking into furniture. ask my sisters. but don't let them be too smug about it because they share this habit with me.
nevertheless, i'm way overdue on posting it. the file says i took this photo last june! didn't get around to sharing it i suppose because that's around the time that everything went totally freakin' haywire. it must have been a sign. you will be beaten, bitten and your heart will not be spared. okay, on that note, i'm going to go listen to the new bauhaus album now.


Amy said...

That's quite the bruise! Did you notice the red circle in the center of the heart? I have numerous bruises all over my arms and legs that appear out of nowhere! The other night I turned the corner too soon (it was dark) and hit that bone under my eyebrow on the corner. Talk about ouch! I had a goose egg to rival the telephone pole one! SC

Naomi Campbell said...

it runs in the entire family; my legs have the scars to prove it

kim said...

you people are weird!