Monday, March 17, 2008

week of gluttony, day one

in honor of st. patrick's day, easter and eddie's upcoming birthday, i declare this 'week of gluttony', or an excuse to post pictures of ice cream.
today's highlight: stewart's. it's perhaps frightening that i can get this excited about ice cream named after the gas stations where it's sold. but trust me, you would too. with flavors that reference moose droppings and an overabundance of mint, i'm all about stewart's, an upstate new york staple.
emre is particularly into the bar of complimentary toppings that brings me memories of running through a life size cheese maze (wait, what is life-sized cheese?), playing skee ball and hyperventilating at the sundae bar of chuck e. cheese's. apparently strawberry sauce and nuts just weren't enough so emre had to pull out a can of redi-whip we just happened to have in the car (what, you don't cruise with cans of cream?!). chelsea looks on in honor. but she's not one to talk, since we both benefited from the "great ice cream sale" as advertised on the gas pump handles, picking up full pints for like, a dollar. and what do you do with a pint of ice cream in the car? eat the whole damn thing. love the looming whip cream reflection in the top of our zipcar.


Amy said...

Yum, that looks fabulous!!! I was fixing to put this on my 'list' until I read it is in upstate New York. :)

kim said...

What's funny about this picture is how strained Emre's face is. As if freeing the 'whip' from the can was super hard.