Tuesday, March 25, 2008

you say filler--i say, um....filler.

how is it that weeks can just sneak up on you? you breathe a sigh of relief that the storm is over and do something totally crazy like go out to new jersey and eat and watch a lot of tv and then BOOM, you come back and life is mayhem! this week wasn't supposed to be crazy, but it is. i'm feeling very obstinate about the unexpectedness of this.
anyhoo, don't want that to stop me from posting, lest i lose my 3 readers who have re-engaged with spackleshot of late.
and now, to further celebrate my reality friend, eddie's birthday in the cyber world, here he is modeling his birthday present from emre and i. most dapper.
i got all sentimental in eddie's birthday card as my sister recently sent me a pack of letters, included in which was a 10 pager from eddie circa our first year in college (as opposed to the 7th year in college i'm working on). ah, the dramatic declarative statements of high school-era friendship, "if i don't see you when i come home for christmas i'll DIE!"


kim said...

What a great picture of Eddie!

Amy said...

Very nice tee-shirt! Happy Birthday to him! I think you should photocopy the letter and give him a copy, I'd bet he'd get a kick out of it.