Friday, April 18, 2008

even emre liked it.

Presented by Invisible LLC
Sanford Meisner Theater
164 11th Avenue
New York, NY 10011 (866) 811-4111

April 3-27th
Thursday - Sunday All Performances 8pm
Tickets $18

don't you think it's time for a non-political endorsement?
well i do. 'cause i went to see my friend sara, aka elizabeth steinhart, kick ass in this play 'the secret rapture'. you know you're cool when you have friends with stage names! i'm not going to pretend i know anything about theater. in fact, that is specifically why i'm recommending this play to you. this play did not give me the 'pretentious theater hives'. this play did not cause my eyes to roll nor my mouth to drool or yawn. this play made me laugh, brought intense feelings of sadness, empathy and discomfort (the well-earned, good kind of discomfort) to my skeptical, not-very-often-theater going soul.

the cool thing is, i already knew it would, see because sara is a really cool chick and so is her boyfriend jay (who probably doesn't even mind if i call him a really cool chick). jay's play, 'i wish you a boat'--probably the last play i attended before 'rapture', also rocked my world. in this play jay actually coaxed tears from my jaded eyes. impressive. loved it. love them. trust them.

behold, the beautiful and talented elizabeth steinhart (photographed by my other talented friend, jason watson)

yet even with this trust, i was happily surprised at how much i enjoyed 'the secret rapture'. the whole cast impressed me. each and every one. as did the writing, which was witty, often times hilarious, and most important to me, real and relatable.
details are above and below.
do something different.
even if you don't know her.
it's that good.
bravo sara.

oh, and i had another one of those 'secret life of butlers' moments, as i was completely blown away by zach's performance as well. bravo zach.

with Zachary Fletcher, Jacob Grigolia*,
Miranda Jonte, Mia Moreland, Christian
Sineath, Elizabeth Steinhart*

Directed by Jessica Forsythe
Lighting and Sound Design by Randy Harmon
Assistant Directed by Stephanie Staes
Handwriting by Sabrina Ward Harrison
Photograph by Melanie Schiff (entitled Anna3)

*This is an Equity Approved Showcase


JayJohnson said...

WELL reviewed, if I do say so myself. (And thanks for the plug!)

Amy said...

Sounds interesting, too bad I'm too far away to see it! :)

emilia said...

I saw the play yesterday. It was amazing, so intense, so moving! I loved Sara, I loved Zach, I loved all of them.