Wednesday, April 30, 2008


i'm stealing content from naomi because she sent this email that struck me as a perfect blog piece, yet she didn't post it on her blog. fair game.
naomi: "You know something is wrong when four teenage boys stop to tell you your pants are ripped and you find out your thong-clad hinie is hanging out on marlow road."

me: at least your thong clad hinie works out at the gym five days a week.


kim said...

Oh! This is so hilarious! And, if anyone's ass should be hanging out, Naomi's buff rump is the one!

Naomi Campbell said...

Thanks Kim and Kitty. xo-Naomi

Anonymous said...

Better Marlow Rd than lower Santa Rosa Ave.
Aunt Lizard

Sudz said...

at least it was a thong and not a PANTY.

Amy said...

LOL at my two Aunts! Hey when Naomi sent this to me, I was thinking the EXACT thing thought as Kim!!!