Sunday, April 13, 2008

it ain't sesame street...or is it?

yesterday as i sat on my couch studying by the window overlooking the street, i heard the usual saturday ruckus. teenagers cruising down nassau avenue blasting polish hip hop, some guy yammering on loudly--maybe the wino who sweeps the bodega's sidewalk in exchange for beer. usually i can tune this out. but something was different this time that distracted me. wait, he's not speaking polish, he's speaking english. and WHAT is he saying? propositioning some girl to go to the empire state building and make out?! i try to ignore it but he keeps repeating his request, and even calls her a hussy! okay, now i must spy out the window to check out who could have the nerve...and what do i see, but a donkey with bulging eyes and an orange mane leaning out the window of a pick-up. of course.
oh. they're filming a movie. not one of those 'close four blocks of streets with trailers and catering tents' numbers, but a handheld small crew affair. maybe a student film, or that williamsburg hipster internet tv show.

soon everyone else in the neighborhood joins me in my voyeurism. confused people gather on the sidewalk and hang out their windows listening to this cross between mr. ed and jimmy stewart.

and again, i was totally concentrating on my homework. and i got caught.

embarrassed, i retreat back to my philosophy, but check back in a few scenes later after our donkey hero sexually harasses a man on the street then proceeds to snatch a tourist's purse and run (blindly) down the block with the purse in his 'mouth'.

i think the oscar buzz has already started. though prussia was clearly unimpressed with the ass's acting. maybe she's species-ist, or just down on donkeys. you heard it here first.
kitty joe, reporting live from greenpoint.

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kim said...

Awesome! I think if one was not distracted by the donkey, then one might have some serious issues.