Tuesday, April 1, 2008

not so fun house

i'm not going to do anything cheap like announce that i'm getting married or i'm pregnant. yet i'm too much of a holiday sucker not to at least give a nod to the whimsy of this day.
and by the way, this is not a current photo. i tend to confuse a lot of you by drawing from my archives. i'm not in california, nor have i been for a long time! this was one of those unexpected moments when you expect a child to be excited about something invented for their pleasure, but instead they scream and run the other way. ginger was not fond of seeing her body contorted like a smashed aluminum can (remember in the 80's when we smashed the cans before recycling them?). i can already see the future therapy bills rolling in.


kim said...

I remember saying "That is silly! Do you like that Ginger?" And her replying, "NO!"

Amy said...

Hmmm, is that you behind her? If so, you're pretty distorted, maybe that scared her too! :)