Wednesday, April 16, 2008

warning: senseless ranting

today i got a nice little card in the mail from victoria's secret. how nice. they're giving me a gift.
come in and redeem your free panty they say.
i take offense to this word. panty.
especially in the singular form--it's so skeevy. panties is gross and prissy still. but panty? seriously? i imagine threadbare jockey underware double the size of my head. dull peach.
since when is panty a victoria's secret kind of word? since when does panty make you feel sexy? hey babe, i just got a new panty at victoria's secret--don't you want me now?

some words should just be banished from our vocabulary on the grounds of the shivers they send up my spine. panty, you can go take a hike in the woods and get lost! and you know what? take spore with you too.


Anonymous said...

And just what would you call it???

Aunt Sudz

kitty8joe said...


Amy said...

We call 'em panties in this house! :)

kim said...

I am with you! Panties creeps me out to. How about underwear, or even undies?

That word can join my list of dislikable things, for example, mayonnaise and eggplant.

Kitty, I think ranting about things such as underwear is a sure-fire way to get your readership commenting!

peakie said...

I like "pantaloons."

kitty8joe said...

or then there was abbey of santa cruz who got us all saying 'chonies'.

Anonymous said...

Grandpa Saint used to call them "drawers" I assume the spelling is the same One drawer for each leg I guess...who knows!
Aunt Lizard