Monday, April 7, 2008

memories of eastern oregon

and camping on windy mountains with jenilee.
and making evening salads using the hotel nightstand as a cutting board.
and drinking wine on the porch at sunset in a ghost town.
and watching jeni fall in love with the arcade fire.
and eating burritos for breakfast, lunch and dinner all through new mexico. (oops, different trip!)
and watching jeni pour hot sauce into her journal.
and feeling the rain fall in my hair while soaking in hot springs.
and buying rainboots at wal-mart.
and watching the storm roll over the mountains and canyons of washington state.
and hiding in sufjan's tent after being pummeled with 20 minutes of bruising hail.
and meeting that schmoe who surely didn't deserve her love and attention.
and getting makovers at MAC.
and wishing i could be 20 people at once, able to be this close to so many amazing people, all the time.


kim said...

Pretty poem. You were definitely having a moment when you wrote this.

Amy said...

What a beautiful photograph, sounds like you had some fun there!

Jay8Johnson said...

Uh, I'm not sure I can "OK" this "wine drinking" you mention... You know I don't approve ANY of that type of behavior!

kitty8joe said...

oh my god, jay. you're cracking me up with jay8johnson. thanks for the smile in the midst of the studying.

as for the disapproved behavior--come on, i'm thirty two and a half (today!). you're going to have to accept that i'm not your baby anymore!