Saturday, April 19, 2008

totally uncool

thinking i'm all earth friendly, hitting the farmer's market at mc carren park with my own canvas bag for veggies. then i realize i'm walking into an early earth day celebration carrying a styrofoam cup of coffee from star deli. totally uncool.

but can i just say that, apart from the occasional patronage of a polish deli that gives me a 65 cent cup of coffee in a styrofoam cup, and, i don't know, my general destructive presence in this modern world, i'm pretty environmentally conscious, and always have been. i am from california after all, a former member of the analy environmental club (which consisted of little more than the five of us interrupting classes once a week--especially the ones we knew our crushes were attending--to empty the paper recycling bins we'd planted). those are some serious credentials, no? so can i just say that the sudden hipness of green, while being great and fantastic--everyone should be aware--is irking me. can i say that? the part that's irking me is the commercialization of green. not the proliferation of green solutions or products, but the showing off of 'green' in window displays somewhere like bloomingdale's, who couldn't give a crap about environmentalism for anything other than a marketing tool. that's what it is. i'm really annoyed by the often wasteful and insincere marketing of green.

and here i intended this post to be a two sentence chuckle inducing blurb. i must be procrastinating a paper!


kim said...

Yes, you CAN say that!

Amy said...

I had to laugh at your club antics. :)

My pet peeve with green is that every single stinking magazine has to have huge articles on being green. Drives me nuts!