Friday, April 25, 2008

what not to say to your professor

the reason the paragraph below is written with capitals is that I originally wrote it in response to a study question for my torturous philosophy class. i came to my senses, however, deciding that perhaps this kind of whining would be more appropriate on my blog rather than sent to mr. phd instructor/degree advisor. i swapped it out with something more along the lines of the class reading. you know, your typical, "and that is as close as we will come to understanding the mind of god." kind of stuff.

Question #4
Say something smart about blah blah blah.....

"I don’t think I’m grasping this at all. Sometimes when I’m reading and trying to understand these texts I feel like I’m 7 years old, playing the game ‘Sox’, in which one friend would sit blindfolded in a darkened room, on the bed, with an arsenal of balled up socks. The other friend would enter the room, and after 10 seconds, the blindfolded one would start hurling the socks in the direction of the other, in hopes of striking the elusive, obscured figure. Usually to no avail. "

very good kitty joe. A+ for effort.  

by the way, that game was totally fun.  yet totally terrifying.


kim said...

Wow you are blowing my mind!

Anonymous said...

Kit, I think you've hit it. The game Sox is very much like life itself. This version gets an A+ for its blogularity. - EZ

Amy said...

I'd say that would be the most truthful paragraph he'll ever receive!