Tuesday, April 15, 2008

let's think of birthdays, not taxes!

happy birthday to mieke! like so many of my friends, mieke turns 30 this year. it deludes me into thinking i also just turned thirty. three years is practically the blink of an eye, no?
mieke is actually in belgium now, celebrating. in my tradition of taking full credit for her relationship, as i introduced her to her fiance (yes, i know, you've heard it before, but i can't stop braggging!) i can also claim some rights for this surprise birthday gift from ezra. gee, isn't it nice that the man that i introduced you to suprised you with a trip back home for your thirtieth? i sure picked a good one.

but doesn't it seem like i just wished mieke a happy birthday here? where does the time go? a look back at the archive confirms that yes, it was a year ago! which brings me to another birthday--that of this mighty blog! a year and a couple days ago (april 12), i begrudgingly posted a photograph in lieu of emailing it to share with my sister, and insisted this was not a commitment to blog. one hundred forty five posts later, i've made good on that non-commitment. and boy is the world a better place for it!

but back to mieke--so much has changed since last year! sadly, i said goodbye to her as my neighbor (but drag her out here as much as i can for nostalgic brunches), but for the exciting reason that she decamped to the upper east side with (and got engaged!) to ezra. she also co-founded the manhattan chapter of ambassadors for children with barbara. not a bad year, mieke--you are surely no fish out of water here in the u.s. of a.!


Amy said...

Happy Birthday Mieke!

Kitty, I'm so happy you decided to start the blog, it's so fun to read!!! :)

Arda said...

Happy Birthday Mieke ... feeling weird writing this cause I turned 30 too, the same day :) aargghh ... (30)

Anonymous said...

I love that pic of you two together from the "early days." It's one of the all-time cutest.

- the lucky one